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Inna fi al-Jannati Nahran min Laban

Traditional Moroccan tiled fountain, Rabat.

Inna fi ’l-Jannati Nahran min Laban (إن في الجنة نهراً من لبن), “In Paradise is a River of Milk” is a short, traditional Moroccan poem about love for the Prophetic Household.

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Inna fil Jannati nahran mil laban
Li ‘Aliyyin wa Ḥusaynin wa Ḥasan

Kullu man kaana muḥibbal lahumu
Yadkhulul Jannata min ghayri ḥazan

Ḥubbu Ahlil Bayti farḍun ‘indanaa
Wa bi haadhal ḥubbi laa nakhshal miḥan

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Truly, in Paradise is a river of milk
For Ali and Husain and Hasan.

Whosoever be a lover of them,
Shall enter, without grief, the Garden.

Love for the Prophet’s House is an obligation for us.
And with this love, we fear no affliction.


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Muhammad al-Barraq    Vocals Only
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Sami Yusuf    VOCALS ONLY
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