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Jashne Amade Rasul

Dome over the Prophet's tomb in Medina.

Jashne Āmade Rasūl (جشنِ آمدِ رسول), “Celebrate the Arrival of the Messenger”, is a traditional Urdu religious song in praise of the Birth of the Prophet ﷺ. It is easily one of the most well-known Muslim songs in the Urdu-speaking world, and has been performed by several prominent artists.

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jashne aamade rasool, Allah hi Allah!
beebee Aaminah key phool, Allah hi Allah!

haqq laa ilaaha illAllahu, laa ilaaha illAllah!

Verse 1

jab ke sarkaar tashreef laaney lagey
hoor o ghilmaañ bhee khushiyaañ manaaney lagey
har taraf noor kee roshnee chhaa ga’ee
mustafaa kiyaa miley, zindagee mil ga’ee
e Haleema terey gaud meiñ aa ga’ey
donoñ ‘aalam ke rasool, Allah hi Allah!

Verse 2

chehra’e Mustafaa jab dekhaayaa gayaa
chhup ga’ey taarey aur chaand sharmaa gayaa
Aaminah dekh kar muskaraaney lageeñ
Hawwa Maryam bhee khushiyaañ manaaney lagey
Aaminah beebee sab sey ye kehney lageeñ
du‘aa ho gayee qabool, Allah hi Allah!

Verse 3

shaadiyaaney khushee key bajaa’ey ga’ey
shaad key naghmey sab ko sunaa’ey ga’ey
har taraf shaur salli ‘alaa ho gayaa
aaj peidaa Habeeb-e Khudaa ho gayaa
phir to Jibreel ney bhee ye e‘laan kiyaa
ye Khudaa key heiñ rasool, Allah hi Allah!

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Celebrate the arrival of the Messenger!
Lady Amina’s blessed flower.

In truth: There is no god but God,
There is no god but God!

Verse 1

When the Master’s advent drew near,
The maidens and youths of Paradise rejoiced.
In every direction the Light spread.
In the Chosen One, we were given life’s true meaning!
O Halima, in your lap has arrived
The Messenger of the two worlds.

Verse 2

When the Chosen One’s face was revealed,
The stars hid themselves and the moon fell shy.
Amina, seeing this, lit up in a smile.
Hawwa and Maryam too burst with joy,
As Lady Amina proclaimed to all:
“Our prayer has been answered!”

Verse 3

The melodies of merriment were sounded then,
And cheerful songs were sung for all.
Everywhere the cry of “Ṣalli ‘Alā!” was heard,
“Today the Beloved of God has been born!”
Finally Gabriel himself announced:
“This truly is the Messenger of God!”

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Khursheed Ahmed   Vocals only
Shaam   Percussion
Zain Bhikha (with English Interlude)   Vocals Only
Nader Khan   Vocals Only
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