About Muslim Hymns

Salam and welcome to Muslim Hymns!

MuslimHymns.com is a searchable database of traditional Islamic song and poems in various languages, along with English translations, transliterations and audio samples.


We have done our best to make the original Arabic texts on Muslim Hymns as legible and easy-to-read as possible, using a clear Arabic font with full vowelling and ample line spacing. Texts in other languages, such as Urdu and Persian, have also been presented with maximum legibility in mind.

If you have trouble seeing the Arabic text, or have spotted a mistake in any of the poems, drop us a line and we’ll try to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Tip: if using a mobile device or tablet, switch to landscape mode for larger Arabic text.



Audio samples

Audio samples are presented at the bottom of most pages, in order to hear how the songs and poems are traditionally sung. These files have been found on the internet and are embedded from Soundcloud, YouTube. Wherever possible, the artist has been identified. MuslimHymns does not own the rights to any of the audio clips embedded on the site. If you would like a particular clip to be removed, please contact us.

In order to cater for the various opinions on the permissibility of music in Islam, each audio file is clearly marked with whether it includes vocals only, percussion, percussion and flute or “music” (implying musical instruments besides drums and flutes).