Amherst D. Tyssen

Muhammad in the Cave

The Cave of Thawr near Mecca.

Muhammad in the Cave is a hymn by early English Muslim convert and poet Amherst D. Tyssen (1843–1930). It recalls the moment when the Prophet ﷺ and Abu Bakr took refuge from the Quraish during the Hijra. It is a part of the British Muslim Song collection (website).

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The Prophet with one faithful friend
In the dark cavern stood,
A thousand foemen scouring round,
All thirsting for his blood.

“Alas, my master,” spake the liege,
“Our term of life is sped;
I hear the murd’rous bands approach,
Intent to strike us dead.”

“Be not distressed!” in accents firm,
The Prophet’s voice replied;
“For God is mightier far than they,
And God is on our side.

“Will He we live, no mortal power
Can take our lives away;
Will He we die, to Him we pass;
No need to feel dismay.”

Oh, may we thus through life’s rough voyage,
With all its tempests cope;
Make God the Rock whereon we cast
The anchor of our hope.

Come weal: to Him we give the praise;
Come woe: on Him we rest;
E’en death is bliss to hearts assured
Whate’er He sends is best.

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Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad  (Vocals only)
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